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Linux Finds Microsoft Weak Spot
Microsoft may still dominate the OS market with a monopoly like figure of 97.34%, but Linux is as ever tenacious in both its expansion and its attempts to find the Achilles heel of its dominant rival.

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Don't Stop The VoIP Momentum - Say Voice Analysts
As European voice services continue to improve on their recent fight back, industry insiders from all directions are urging a swift migration onto VoIP infrastructure to maintain the positive momentum.

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About us

Our Mission:

To be the leading provider of high quality data and database related services working with the leading databases and data partners globally. 

Company Profile:

The executives of Portfolio Data have been providing IT and telecommunications business intelligence across Europe for the past five years. As specialist marketers in these industries, Portfolio Data is a leader in providing Reseller and End-User data to the industry.

The custom and off the shelf databases have been built on a strong foundation of years of experience, short updating cycles and industry knowledge. We can offer over 100,000 reseller and millions of end user companies across Europe.

Portfolio Data's background and market experience ensures a high level of expertise in knowledge management, provision of quality databases, direct marketing and e-marketing incentives.


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