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Building a printer reseller database across Europe for a 'blue chip' printer manufacturer


A UK computer maintenance company required a build and maintain database service of IT decision makers at end user corporate companies

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Data Services

Building and managing your own database can be difficult and if you work in fast moving and transient environments like the IT and telecoms industries your data can become out of date very quickly.

Enhancing a database with information relevant to your business can be a time consuming and expensive and, as above, it could be out of date by the time you have finished the project.

You can save yourself this headache by talking to Portfolio Data. As well as selling 'off the shelf' databases, we are very well qualified to look at your existing data or your specific requirements for additional and new data. We can help you build that into an effective dataset by matching with existing data available, through our many partners worldwide, or physically building your custom database to your specifications, using industry experienced telemarketers.

We have 14 stations and experienced industry research and telemarketers, with a variety of language capabilities, to ensure our clients get the best data enhancement services

Services include: Data acquisition, building, cleaning, updating, maintenance and enhancement

Key benefits:

Clean, up to date data
Qualified decision makers
more effective investment of your money and your time

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